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LAMINGTON ROAD in Mumbai is the premier electronics and Computer products centre with all shops in the vicinity dealing in computers and its ancillary products.


Hoarding Board outside “IMPERIAL THEATRE” facing Lamington Road.


Entrance to “IMPERIAL THEATRE” with the Bhojpuri film “DOORBELL” on daily shows.


“IMPERIAL THEATRE” must have had its heyday’s in the early part of the 20th century .


A view of the decaying IMPERIAL THEATRE COURTYARD. Visit “IMPERIAL THEATRE” as a tourist site before it disappears from Mumbai’s topography.


Bhojpuri films screened at “IMPERIAL THEATRE”.


Happened to visit Lamington Road,the “ELECTRONICS STREET” of Mumbai to purchase a Laptop and came across “IMPERIAL CINEMA”.This “Single Screen” theatre built in 1905 is the second oldest theatre in Mumbai and in the last stages of its over a century lifespan as can be seen through the photographs.The Topography of Bombay now Mumbai is changing rapidly with “MULTIPLEX THEATRES” replacing decades or even a century old “SINGLE SCREEN THEATRES” so hence pay a “MUSEUM VISIT” to Lamington road to see one of the last century old theatre of Mumbai.I myself have fond memories of visiting “Single Screen Theatres” to see the occasional Hindi movies with my mother a Hindi film addict during my schooling years. During the 1970’s era excellent Hindi films used to be screened.