cochin 082WITNESS TO A SUICIDE OR MURDER ON FRIDAY(11-3-2016) IN KOCHI VEGETABLE MARKET (CASE STUDY) :-“During a tour of Kochi saw a man dangling from a Banyan tree early in the morning in the most busy market in Kochi.The police arrived later and his body was just left dangling. It was akin to a public hanging with the large market crowd just watching this young healthy man dangling from a Banyan tree.Next day googled the news and this is what was written of the hanging man.The press labelled it as “SUICIDE”.Read in the “New Indian Express” and “The Hindu” editions that this man named Thankappan aged 42 years was a migrant from Tamil Nadu and a business trader in the Ernakulam vegetable market residing at Ambalamughal. The “Hindu” newspaper stated that he was doing vegetable business since the last few years.Conflicting versions in the two papers as to whether he was a alcoholic who committed suicide possibly due to monetary distress.The “New Indian Express” paper also stated that a few days before a man had committed suicide by jumping from the office of the city Police Commissioner ! My personal photographs of the suicide of Vegetable vendor Thankappan was on “F.B” as also a video on “Youtube” for Viewers. This was a ghastly and bizarre suicide or murder yet just received a small column coverage in the local news. Pass your comments on this suicide case.I strongly felt it was “MURDER”.In a sensational suicide this anonymous tragic man got his “15 minutes of fame” in the newspapers , something he didn’t achieve when alive.Numerous people commit suicides daily in India which go totally unnoticed besides the grieving relatives and close friends..For the first time in my life i had seen a human committing suicide and that too in such a grotesque manner akin to a public execution.Bizarre coverage’s in the common Thankappan and the television celebrity Pratusha suicides is the display of crocodile tears by the majority of celebrity claiming to know Pratusha and her problems when she was alive.The Celebrity who really grabbed headlines in the mourning and rumours of Pratusha’s death was the inimitable Ms RakhiSawant who stated that ceiling fans should be banned ! What is the World of “15 Minutes” of fame about ?

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