'BE SAFE' the favourite for Indian Derby-2015 in the paddock parade.

“SLOW HORSES AND FAST —– HAVE BEEN THE DOWNFALL OF MANY A PUNTER”, Says the estate trustee  of “Mittoo alias mittoo the poppat”.Recovering from a “Bankruptcy ATTACK” in the “I.C.U” of my own house after betting the wrong horse “BE SAFE” and attaining a “Pauper” status from a “Maharajah” status . Henceforth will speculate a “BE SAFE” method and not on a horse named “BE SAFE” ! Crores of rupees must have been lost on a horse named “BE SAFE” on Sunday(5-7-2015).It was the saddest day of my life in horse-racing.The Hot favourite @ 40/100 and considered a “Wonder horse” “BE SAFE” lost miserably in a race that shocked the horse racing punters of India.This handsome colt that won the “Indian Derby-2015” in Mumbai in “RECORD TIME “ on Sunday(1-2-2015) ran like a ordinary riding horse today taking with it “Crores” of punters rupees down the drain.As for me i felt i had attended a “Funeral”. Such was my emotional loss on seeing the dismal performance of this colt that won me my first “Indian Derby” in my silver jubilee year of horse racing.I can recover from the heavy monetary loss but the emotional loss will take me ages.Akin to losing one of my pet cats or the death of my 22 year old parakeet “Mittoo” after whom i have invented the notional speculative gambling game on “Facebook” titled “Mittoo alias mittoo the poppat”..