Red Bus tour concert 003On Saturday(18-10-2014) had  nostalgic motorcycle  ride down my old “Adda” Byculla into a defunct engineering monolith for a “Rock Concert”.The abandoned engineering factory of “Richardson & Cruddas(1972) Ltd”  reminded me of my Marine engineering apprenticeship years in Mazagon docks, a huge abandoned engineering complex.From the exterior  it resembles any common establishment with a huge sign-board that has  been in existence since 1972 but on entry it resembled a stadium !It was a identical copy of the “South Bay (offshore shop)”  of Mazagon Dock Ltd, a monolith ship-building company that employs thousands of workers and officers.

Red Bus tour concert 001                                                            I wonder what was the manpower in “Richardson & Cruddas(1972) Ltd” when it first began operations as a foundry factory  in 1972 ? This was the first time in my life that i got to view a “SICK ENGINEERING FIRM” akin to scuba diving and seeing a sunken ship wreck.The abandoned engineering bays and lathe machines were rusting and definitely a tourist attraction as its rare to see a huge waste of a engineering establishment in prime Mumbai locality.The owners rent the site for “Film Shoots” and “Advertisements”.In April 2014 it was for the first time that   a section of one of the engineering bays was  converted into a  hall for holding a  “Rock shows”.

Red Bus tour concert 002                                             Spent a enthralling evening listening to various genres of music  performed on the occasion of the “Red Bull tour bus” concert.The only working engineering machinery  item in the entire  complex was this giant “Red bull tour bus” which had a performing stage on its roof.The acoustics was excellent akin to being in a enclosed auditorium. Seems akin to the “Textile Mills” of Mumbai the “Richardson & Cruddas(1972) Ltd” engineering monolith might make way for a housing project in the near future.Better if it remained a “Rock Venue” and converted into a “Movie studio”.

Red Bus tour concert 014                 Till then enjoy the “Rock & music” shows that  will be hosted in this giant complex, a excellent venue for “Live Concerts”, a new discovery in the Indian rock concert establishment.

Red Bus tour concert 005