005Wednesday(15-10-2015) :- Went to the “VOTING BOOTH” in Kalpataru building  to vote and was amazed to find my name missing from the “VOTERS LIST” but my deceased parents name included in the list.Have been voting for donkeys years since the age of 18 and this is the first time in my life that i could not vote due to a  error in the  “VOTING LIST”. Bizarrely just yesterday i got a “Free Vote  T-Shirt” at “Operation Ink Dot” , a voting awareness musical concert for the youth  held at “High Street Phoenix” in Parel.Wore it to advertize for voting and i myself couldn’t  vote.Actor Anupam.Kher would say “Kutchch bhi Ho Saktha hain Election -2014 Mein(Anything can happen in Election-2014)”. Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee hee.Posted a few photo’s taken outside the voting booth in my locality in Prabhadevi with the “VOTING ADVERTISEMENT T-Shirt”.REAL Life can be hilariously bizarre at times.I will treasure this “VOTING T-SHIRT” for the rest of my life.