013A TOUR OF DHOBHI GHAT IN MUMBAI (Saturday 21-6-2014) :- Sometimes it takes a foreigner or a outsider tourist to make us realize the tourist attractions in our own backyard in Mumbai(Bombay). Saw the film “Dhobhi Ghat” but even then didn’t bother to visit the actual location.The Mahalaxmi Racecourse was and is my regular “Playground ” since 1990 and yet i never ever visited the World famous “DHOBHI GHAT” situated just across the race-course.Reading the article “Costliest Tourist Package” was shocked to realize that tourists paying approx 119,000 U.S $’s(Rs 71.5 lakhs) for a 24 days tour of 8 country’s would be visiting only the “DHOBHI GHAT” on their stop-over in Mumbai. Washerman at Dhobi Ghat.Better late than too late” and hence decided to take my camera and step into “Dhobhi Ghat” on my way to Mahalaxmi racecourse.A local guided me initially mistaking me to be a foreigner journalist until i spoke to him in chaste Hindi !?Here are a few photo’s of my discovery of the World’s largest open-air laundry that has been in existence for 150 years.World's largest open air laundary.Dobhi Ghat  is approximately  38 acres in area in prime Mumbai real estate locality employing 5000 people directly and indirectly.There are 826 washing cubicles .