Image Thursday(24-4-2014) ELECTIONS 2014 :- For the first time in my life my name is missing from the “VOTERS LIST”. Clicked photo’s of my locality trying to find my name in the “VOTERS LIST”. WOULD HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER 5 YEARS TO VOTE IN 2019 IF STILL ALIVE.Later in the afternoon after lunch a sudden brain wave hit me and i took the receipt of my “CORRECTION FORM” that i had submitted to the Election office at Mahim to the Voters guidance workers.Was directed to “Adarsh English High School” just a few meters from my house and got my name checked in the “Voters Register sheet”.With great difficulty spotted my name  and finally went to the first floor of the school and voted. VOTING MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE ! NOW WAIT FOR MY “SATTA BAZAAR TIPS” ON WHO WILL WIN THE ELECTIONS ON  Friday (16-5-2014) UNDER THE PSEUDONYM Mittoo Alias “Mittoo the poppat”.  “NET CAGE VALUE” is now Rs 6,33,25,101 after the Manny .Pacquiao V/s Tim.Bradley fight. LEARN THE ART OF “SPECULATIVE SPORTS INCOME AND FUTURES BETTING ” BY FOLLOWING “Mittoo alias mittoo the poppat”.