ImageMY FELLOW INDIANS .MOST OF YOU WILL BE VOTING IN 2014 GENERAL ELECTIONS ?IF YES , PLEASE CHECK YOUR NAME ON THE VOTERS LIST OF YOUR LOCAL CONSTITUENCY. YOU MIGHT GET THE SHOCK OF YOUR LIFE AS I DID ? :- I have been living in my building since 1975 and my parents were the original registered voters. Later on “Voting Age Maturity” i became a voter and religiously voted for every municipal, State or National elections whenever in the city.In the last general election i realized that although my “PHOTO IDENTITY CARD HOUSE ADDRESS” was correct my address at the local voting booth in Prabhadevi was bizarrely wrong, a different building and a different zone! Recently in September 2013 our building organized a “VOTER AWARENESS” programme for residents to acquire “VOTING CARDS”. Its well known that voting is least in the elite localities of Mumbai as most residents prefer private holidays rather than queuing at the local “VOTING BOOTH”.I explained my problem to the person concerned and was given a detailed explanation of correcting my address mistake with the “VOTING AUTHORITIES”. On Friday(21-2-2014) i went to the “Dadar Voting Office” with my application and got the shock of my life when i viewed my entire family names in the area and building voting list,.The names absolutely fabricated, read like European names(EG :-Rudolfo andreu Furta).Anyone not knowing me or my parents names would think that some different family was residing in my house at “Vaibhav Apartments” in Mumbai ! Was the “VOTERS LIST NAMES” in the computer “HACKED” , bizarrely my family names ?Remember, my Late parents have been voting since 1975 and had “Voting Cards” while i began my political voting rights after attaining 21 years of age.We have lived in the same building since 1975! How is it possible for the “VOTING COMPUTER” to show badly spelt and totally un-connected names. A spelling error could be of a single word or a few alphabets but definitely not the entire family names ! I was told to write my name in “MARATHI” and did so, with a little assistance from a gentleman in the inquiry queue.Imagine the fact that the entire family of “FURTADO’S of Vaibhav Apartments” had been voting since 1975 under a different registered name in the “State Voting Register”.If a celebrity like actor Anupam.Kher of “KUTCH BHI HO SAKTHA HAIN” megahit play  goes to a “Voting Booth” and finds his name not on the voting list it becomes “T.V.NEWS”.Imagine the legal mess the “VOTING BOOTHS” could cause if akin to “P.A.N” or a “PASSPORT” , the identity of “REGISTERED VOTERS” was accepted as a “IDENTITY PROOF” for “LEGAL DOCUMENTS AND STATUS”. HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE .I FELT LIKE A REAL POPPAT !