ImageAlthough not gay had personally attended the book reading of “MY MAGICAL PALACE” by Indian/American author Mr Kunal..Mukherjee. at the American Centre library in Mumbai on Thursday(11-10-2012).Was surprised at the lack of an audience, although, thanks to a less crowd the book-reading was more relevantly discussed.Being Gay in India is still a taboo and this was clearly indicated at the book reading of “My Magical Palace” where most Gay Mumbaikars must have been embarrassed to be seen in public at this gathering.”My Magical Palace” is the first Gay oriented book written about Indian gay life and hence deserved a house-full audience just for curiosity, let alone the merits of the book.I myself later read the book , having obtained it from the library itself and found it engrossing with a Indian theme .The author said that there are plans to make the book into a “BOLLYWOOD FILM”. I commented stating that Bollywood should stop portraying gay characters as down and out slapstick comedians with exaggerated female idiocies. The author agreed with me and said that he himself would be selecting the star-cast when the movie is to be made.