ImageOn what basis are “ENTRY PASSES” to “STAGE A” given ? “Stage A” hosts the most prominent artists of the festival and on Friday(24-1-2014) it was Usha.Uthup.Are only “Wealthy monetary donours” permitted entry into “Stage A” during “V.I.P performers” performances ? What about common citizens of Worli locality who have devoted their time and energy  to make the locality prominent and also give  the festival publicity ?Yesterday i had visited the festival with a “India Book Of Records” holder Mr Sylvester. Alphonso  and we were not allowed entry but had to watch from the street, although it was a better viewpoint.I, Rudolph.A.Furtado have given the “Worli Festival” publicity through the internet and have also edited a version of the “Worli Fort” on Wikipedia encyclopedia as a “Citizen editor”.My video on “Worli Fort” is a popular hit on the internet, the modern era of communication in the media. Mr Sylvester.Alphonso has the largest collection of  C.D’s and D.V.D’s in India and also the largest photograph collection on a computer.Check link :-  http://www.indiabookofrecords.in/records-gallery/collection/maximum-collection-of-cds-and-dvds  . HASN’T WORLI GOT TALENT ? Please see that viewership seats are offered to citizens of Worli locality who have helped in developing or giving the locality prominence.Just “Google” my name to find my importance in “WORLI HAS TALENT “ ! Apologise for blowing my own trumpet but it does pay to be prominently recognized for your work or talent. Thank You.