Image“STEAMER TRUNK” (PETI):- Reading the drastic evolution  in travel and tourism on “CNN” i was reminded of my vintage “STEAMER TRUNK”.This trunk has seen numerous sea-voyages upto 1968 and today i use it as a “BOOK-STORAGE TRUNK”.                                                      ImageThe Gambling Hindi slang  term “PETI” originated from these type of “STEAMER TRUNKS” that was also used to store money safely during long sea voyages before the invention of air travel.During the “Socialist Era” of restricted “Foreign Exchange” and “Heavy Taxation” the seemingly large and humble “STEAMER TRUNK (PETI)” was the ultimate hose bank in most house-holds.I have posted different views of my vintage “PETI” filled with a library of books. “Ha Ha Ha HEE HEE HEE, my “CAGE VALUE” in “KHOKHA’S” is much more than your “PETI’S” says India’s most prolific sports betting predictor, “MITTOO THE POPPAT” !