ImageSaturday(24-11-2013) :- Mr Archis.Patil “GUINNESS BOOK WORLD RECORD HOLDER” :-At the “ADIDAS  ORIGINALS COLLISION”   concert  at “Bandra ImageAmphitheatre” was entertained by amazing  break dance competition, Graffiti art, paintings and live bands.As a “Solo-Backpacker” tourist and years of solo travel  although i travel alone i never ever feel alone ! Have always picked up conversation with total strangers and in many cases the conversation developed into acquaintances.At the beginning of the “B-Boying “ contest  i happened  to  strike a conversation with two young men standing next to me near the main stage of  “Bandra Amphitheater” and hence got acquainted to Mr Archie.Patil and his friend Mr Ansari. Mr Archis.Patil, is a “Guinness Book Of World Records ” record entrant in “FREESTYLE FOOTBALL” skills.In my life i have seen a lot of celebrities but never ever met a “GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER”.

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