ImageThursday(21-11-2013):- “MITTOO” alias “MITTOO THE POPPAT” says “TEST YOUR BIRD KNOWLEDGE BY READING THE “GUINNESS WORLD BIRDS BOOK”. :- When will my photo and name be included in the latest :-“GUINNESS WORLD BIRDS” . This is the 1987 edition of “GUINNESS WORLD BIRDS” on which i am being photographed in “MITTOO STUDIO’S” at my owner Rudolph’s house in Mumbai.Have i not predicted a string of “SPORTS RESULTS” ? Am i not the World’s best talking “Alexandrine parakeet” ?Remember, i was the “MODEL” for the topic “SHOULD RETIRED FILM &  CIRCUS ANIMALS BE GIVEN PENSION” on “B.B.C RADIO” in  2004.I am still predicting “SPORTS RESULTS” in 2013 and hence not yet in the “PENSION SCHEME” . My Master/Trainer Rudolph represented me at the “B.B.C Studio” in Maker Chamber 6.My biography has the details.Excuse me for whistling my own praises since you have to advertise to be successful in the competitive World of “SPORTS SPECULOATION”.