Strange but bizarrely, i just missed becoming a member of the “Speak Asia” fraternity of “On-line Survey members” by refusing membership for a variety of reasons, much before the scheme had become a “Media Probe”.
I was invited for a “Speak Asia” sales talk at “Pearl Centre Building” in Dadar on Sunday(1-5-2011) by one of my school colleagues, a member advising me to join the same.The introduction lecture and explaination of the “Speak Asia “ scheme was held in a air-conditioned class-room of a “Professional Tutorial coaching school”situated in the building.
The “Sales talk”of the “Speak AsiaEntrepreneur” proved too lucrative, even for a professional gamboler like me, something that is very easy money in the competitive speculative world of Mumbai and Indian economics.Since the joining charges were just Rs 11,000 with a dividend of Rs 4000/month for the simple work of answering ” Company Survey Questionnaire’s” online on the internet at home i agreed to become a member.It was definitely safer than betting on “Race-horses” or “Day-trading” on stocks and at best, a decent source of “Pocket -Money”!
Ironically, the person who was supposed to enroll me behaved a bit suspisciosly, refusing to meet me on the “Appointed Date” at my home, neither having the courtesy to inform me the same by telephone.
Hence i refused to become a member, suspecting some hidden scam in the “Long run” as this scheme had all ingredients of a “Ponzi scam” in the making. At age 51, dabbling in “Stocks” and “Horse-racing”made me sensitive to “WHITE COLLAR CRIME“, a common feature in both these speculative Industry’s.
Agreed, my school friend must have been angry at me for refusing the same , but then, business and friendship are two different ball-games and hence the matter was forgotten.
A week later the telivision news channel “Star News” was repeatedly playing its probe inquiry into“Speak Asia” business network, trying to expose the “Ponzi Scam” to its viewers. As is common in media, once the “Hounds” are after you then the entire press becomes an army.
“Speak Asia” has been exposed as one of the bizzarrest shadow companies operating in India with about19 lakh members and a turnover running into crores of rupees.
The company does not have a “OFFICE” in India and its “REGISTERED OFFICE” in Singapore is situated in a small apartment managed by a few employees.
Their bank account in the “United Overseas Bank of Singapore” in Singapore has been sealed since Friday(27-5-2011)as also their operations in India.
My sympathies to the 19 lakh panelists of “Speak Asia” , including my good school friend if this unbelievable financial business turns out to be one of India’s biggest “PONZI SCAM”.

My Alexandrine  parakeet “Mittoo” alias “Mittoo the Poppat” who has genuinely predicted “SImageports Betting Results” in his blog “MITTOO THE POPPAT” would have given better dividends to his “Fans” and “Followers” on the site “LEGALIZE CRICKET BETTING” on “Facebook”.This was a “GAME” i devised in order to get the Government to legalize “SPORTS BETTING” in India.How much is the “ILLEGAL GAMBLING INDUSTRY” in India worth ? Mittoo’s “NOTIONAL CAGE VALUE”  is now “ KHOKHAS(Rs 5,23,98,571)” as on Saturday(16-11-2013).
As for me,a strange case of premonition and gamblers sixth sense and hope my friend respects the same.

“SPEAK ASIA”  the greatest con game on the Indian public.