ImageWill the Indian media give the “ILLEGAL CRICKET BETTING” accounts of  the ” India V/s West Indies Match” being played at Wankhede Stadium, the final farewell match of  legend Sachin.R.Tendulkar ? According to unofficial and unproved sources there is a minimum of Rs 2000 crores being bet on Sachin.Tendulkar alone, all “ILLEGAL MONEY” that might also be utilized in financing “TERRORISM” ! This is a a petition from “Honest Professional Gambolers Inc”! Remember, there are numerous “Professional Speculators” in India who earn a living from ” Horse-racing betting” and “Stock Market speculation” ,doing honest work like the normal “Businessman”, “Blue-collar worker” or “White-collar worker” . In other words, a part of the employed Indian economy. Honest speculators pay ” LEGAL TAXES” to the Govt, highest in the “Horse-racing sport”, the only legalised gambolling sport in India.. When will “CRICKET BETTING” , the most popular sport of India be legalised ? Honest Indian Professional speculators can’t “BET” in the “UNERGROUND CRICKET BETTING” in India of which a turn-over of Crores of rupees is quoted by responsible media extablishments, and wonder the reasons for the govt not legalising cricket betting, a ” Employment generator” as well as “Income generator”. “STOP CORRUPTION” has become a fashionable phrase in India and its time this phrase is put into practice with the “LEGALISATION OF CRICKET BETTING IN INDIA”.  WHO IS EARNING REVENUE FROM ILLEGAL CRICKET BETTING?                                               ImageDefinitely not the Govt of India or Pakistan! Pakistan is the only Country which has had a few of its cricket players convicted on criminal conspiracies of “MATCH-FIXING” and imprisoned in England.The illegal cricket betting Industry in India had become a talk on the political level with the Pakistan Interior minister Rahman.Malik once even  cautioning the cricket players against indulging in illegal “cricket Match-Fixing” in India during a tour of India . Its a lame excuse “Insurance Weapon” ,for if the Pakistan team loses then the Pakistan media might blame the players for “Match-fixing” and if they win, then everything was fine! Why is an esteemed national newspaper like “Times of India” not doing a“STING” on “ILLEGAL MEGABUCKS”  in Asian cricket as they have done successfully on other lesser corruption causes in the Country?The Indian government is officially losing billions of rupees in tax revenue due to “ILLEGAL CRICKET BETTING” and hence, earlier “Cricket Betting” is legalised, lesser will be “MATCH-FIXING” accusations.Hope  “CRICKET BETTING” in India is legalized . IF NOT, SEEMS ITS BETTER SOME CORRUPT PRACTICES EXIST FOR THE GOOD OF A FEW? Touche! Topi