I was aghast and confused on seeing this photo of Queen cat  Matahari appearing under the name“snowycat” downloaded by author “Unionmaminia“, the same being used in “Wikepedia commons” photos , also as a “Model” in Wikepedia Encyclopedia description of “Traditional Persian Cats”.
This particular photograph of “matahari” was taken as a 9 month old kitten in our building garden of“Vaibhav apartments,Mumbai” in February 2008, one of the most beautiful , photogenic photos of an animal that i have taken in my “Amateur photography hobby“.I use the word “AMATEUR” for the simple reason that i have never sold a photograph for monetary benifit, contributing most to the “Wikepedia commons” for updating the “Wikepedia Encyclopedia”, the most popular encyclopedia.
This particular photo of “Kitten Matahari” must have been downloaded from one of my other websites, most probably from my “Yahoo Groups website photos on “Persian Cats “ titled “Matahari, a queens ransom” , the same later plagiarised without any credit to the “Original author”!
Most of my “Wikimedia commons” photos have been used by other authors for various articles, always crediting me with being the “Author” of the particular photograph.
I am basically a traveller/Photographer/ blogger who combines photography with narratives , descriptions or debates.Most of my World-Wide travel photographs are in “Digital form” in “Wikepedia Commons” for usage by other authors , less travelled, and also as “Encyclopediac education” on various topics.Have personally written numerous blogs on controversial taboo topics as well as universal subjects, including nature conservation and pet welfare.
This has been the first instance where someone has “Robbed” my “Intellectual property rights” and has also used it as a “Encyclopedia model” under a different name. Either “Matahari’ has an “Identical Duplicate” whose owner clicked the photograph in the same manner that i did in February 2008, or, its blatant infringement on “Intellectual property rights”.
Every artist, author or owner likes to be appreciated for their contribution to any work and hence blatant“Copying” or “Duplicating” without acknowledgement to the “original author” is a crime on the “Internet”.A minor solace is that “Duplication” of an “Original” is the greatest form of tribute to the “Original author”, but, a mention of the “Original Author” is essential.
I have stated my case and its for the readers and viewers to give their judgement.