PET OWNERSHIP CREATING NEW JOBS IN MUMBAI (Monday 7-1-2013):- “THE DOGWALKER”:- Mr Suresh.Gore regularly walks these dogs around my locality in Prabhadevi in Mumbai. Prabhadevi is one of the wealthiest localities in Mumbai with “Million dollar Flats” passe ! Just in the 1970’s and early 1990’s when i took my dogs for walks in this same locality never ever came across any “DOG-WALKERS” .Few house-holds in the area owned dogs, the owners themselves walking their dogs. Today dog-walker Mr Suresh.Gore is walking a total of 10 dogs of different breeds from different house-holds and earning a regular income. The amazing fact is that all these dogs get along well and don’t get into “Dog-fights” .Note that there is a “Rottweiler” in the group, one of the most fierce dogs made famous in the movie “Exorcist” and a “one-man dog” in the Dog World.Seems domestication and living in Apartments have reduced the ferociousness of most “CITY BRED DOGS”. I doubt if a “Rottweiler” bred on a “Farm” would ever be taken for a “Dog-Walk” along with other breed of dogs.NOW WHEN WILL INDIA HAVE ITS “CAT CLUBS” AKIN TO “DOG CLUBS” SO THAT I CAN SHOW-OFF MY CATS !