Image“CAPTAIN PHILLIPS”(Monday 21-10-2013) :- Saw this movie at “PVR Phoenix Mills(Parel)” and found it thrilling and well researched as far as the “Merchant Navy” employment format and status of employment is concerned. Every “Shippie”, irrespective of rank, should see this movie as they would be able to relate to parts of the film. The film brought back memories of my own personal sea career having sailed to both the ports concerned in the piracy plot, Salalaah(Muscat) and Mombasa(Kenya).Only difference, during my sea-faring career there was no “INTERNET” communication on ships and “SOMALI PIRACY” was non-existent.Prior to “SOMALI PIRACY” it was the “MALACCA STRAITS” that was a dreaded password among sailors of my generation. Sea piracy has always existed since the beginning of sea navigation, only difference being in methods and the intensity of the piracy  over the centuries.Richard .Phillips played by actor Tom Hanks and Pirate leader Abduwali . Muse played by actor Barkhad.Abdi are excellent in their respective roles.Thankfully the “Chief Engineer Mike.Perry” of “MV.Alabama” does have a heroic role in the film , a brave man who risked his life in switching off the ships lighting system and also hiding  the crew in the engine-room. As a “Marine Engineer”  got a view  of the  “M.A.N B& W” Slow speed diesel engines as the “Engine room” was depicted in the film, a major set on the ships piracy saga. Most of the film consists of “Captain Richard.Phillips” held hostage in a “5 ton  fiberglass Lifeboat” and a entire flotilla of U.S.A Navy ships surrounding this tiny “Lifeboat”.I am disclosing the “SUSPENSE” since this is a “TRUE-LIFE SAGA”.The finale  of the  “Bulls Eye” shooting skills of the “U.S.Navy Seals” from the deck of U.S.S. Bainbridge. is unbelievable for common human mortals.The “SEAL SNIPERS”   kill all the 3 pirates on the small enclosed life-boat, the only survivor being “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS”.Any person who has been on a ordinary launch boat-ride can vouch for the fact that small boats roll and heave in the sea let alone the rough  high seas as in “Captain Phillip”.HOW DID THE “NAVY SEALS” MANAGE TO KILL ALL THE 3 PIRATES ON THAT SMALL LIFEBOAT WITHOUT A SINGLE INJURY TO “CAPTAIN PHILLIP” ? A masterpiece in “SNIPER SHOOTING” which deserves a “GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS” entry.