“INTO THE WILD” by Jon.Krakauer :- Just finished reading this true-life tragic saga of a genius young wealthy American Christopher. Johnson .McCandless who died due to “Starvation” while hiking in Alaska.Every Solo-Backpacker and hiker should read this book that gives a view of the dangers of underestimating Nature and the wild desolate wilderness. The author Jon.Krakauer is a extreme sports adventure writer having himself climbed Mount Everest in May 1996 during which 5 lives were lost due to a storm on the Mountain.Stumbled on this book at the “B.N.H.S(Bombay Natural History Society)” library, a library that has a wealth of vintage and latest books on “Natural History” and “Wild-life”.This book brought back memories  of  a recent hike to “Bhimashankar Temple” with “Shikar Vedh” trek group as also a sea voyage in peak winter to the East coast of Canada during my employment on ships as a “Marine Engineer”.After quitting sailing which was a adventure cum employment era of my life, i took up to hiking and solo travels, after-effects of a life-time of youth spent sailing the seven seas.Its a saying among sea-folks, quote, “ITS DIFFICULT TO GET THE SALT WATER OUT OF OUR SYSTEM ONCE A SAILOR”! On  a recent one day hike to the Bhimashankar Mountains our group  realized  on arriving  back to base after completion of the strenuous and dangerous trek  that one trekkerwas missing.We were a large group of 90 trekkers and yet a trekker got lost .Luckily he was found the next day as even a small jungle forest can be dangerous let alone hundreds of miles of open Alaskan ice deserts.Please read this book if interested in Adventure and trekking. A movie was made of the book, a heart wrenching tragedy of the perils of extremities of adventure living.Image
I have experienced “Alaska Type” winter during a “Sea-Voyage” to Canada in 1990. In this photo converted  from  post-card to digital format  our ship is shown  stuck in “FROZEN SEA” in the Canadian Port ! You can imagine what Alaska might be which is on the West coast of Canada.