Congratulation to Miss Megan Young of Philippines for winning the “Miss World-2013” contest held at Bali Nusa Dua in Bali on Saturday(28-9-2013). Its no mean achievement winning the event in the midst of 127 contestants.Miss Navneet Kaur Dhillon of India failed to qualify for the “10 FINALISTS” but was not disgraced as she won the “MISS MULTIMEDIA” award..”Miss India “ Navneet Kaur Dhillon had stumbled during the initial ramp walk and i presume that this must have cost her a place in the “Top 10 Finalists”. Thanks  to “ZStudio” channel  for telecasting the show live in India, something unthinkable in 1996 when a similar competition was organized at Bangalore in India.The protests by a section of the majority Muslim population in Indonesia  against the pageant forced the Indonesian Government to change the venue to Bali  and also  scrap the normal “SWIMWEAR” competition , replacing the same with less revealing postures.Ultimately the “MISS WORLD-2013” was a success despite protests and change of initial staging venue. This contest brought back memories of the Image“Miss World-1996” held at Bangalore in  India .There were similar protests in India by 50 or more  moral brigades  the most prominent being the “Mahila Jagran Morcha” which said that “Beauty Pageants” depicted women in obscene and vulgar manner  and not  pertaining to traditional Indian culture.The  “Miss World-96” was finally held under tight police security at the “Chinnaswamy stadium”  on Saturday(23-11-1996)  with 88 contestants competing in the pageant.I  had personally attended the same, having confirmed my ticket in Mumbai and travelling all the way to Bangalore to witness this once in a life time beauty pageant.18-year-old Irene.Skliva of Greece won the contest , one of the youngest contest winners in its history.The contest was lavishly organized  by “A.B.C.L (AMITABH BACHHAN CORPORATION LIMITED)” , the entertainment company founded by India’s most popular actor Mr Amitabh.Bachchan which later became bankrupt.  The presence of  Indian elephants,dances and entertainment  advertised  the tourism potential of India and the Bollywood film Industry.

Today in 2013, in the age and era of “INTERNET” where pornography is available at the “Click of a Mouse” in India , the strange protests against the “Miss World- 1996” seem bizarre and futile.

ImageSadly, economically it was a loss  due to the tremendous expences  incurred on security and court cases  later bankrupting its main organizer “ABCL” and its owner filmstar Mr Amitabh.Bachchan.I still have a memento of this event, a cap distributed by the organizers and a “Collectors Item” since the company is defunct.Years later Film Star Amitabh.Bachchan recovered from his bankruptcy and the lasting legacy of his defunct “ABCL” company is definitey the  organizing of the first “MISS WORLD” competition in India.