039Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) with street name of “ACID” was invented by the “C.I.A” during the “COLD WAR” era to extract confessions from suspects.Numerous tests were unsuspectingly conducted on “Human Guinea Pigs” without their knowledge which sometimes resulted in a “Bad Trip” often ending in suicidal deaths. There was a documentary in “History Channel” on this controversial period in U.S spy history.The most famous case was of a U.S Scientist who jumped from a building after being given a dosage of “L.S.D” without his permission or knowledge. The C.I.A later owned up to these tests and payed compensation to the scientists family decades later after the end of the ““COLD WAR. “L.S.D” became a dangerous recreational drug during the “Vietnam Hippy Era” of American culture and seems it is now a recreational drug among the elite youth in India.Every generation of Urban Indian youth has experimented with “DRUGS”, the most common being Ganja, Hashish and speed, commonly available.Every generation has its own share of experimentation with youth rebellion and drugs. Alcohol was and is still the cheapest and most commonly legally available social drug irrespective of status or education.In Indian college culture you have had to at least tried a drug once to be accepted by the “IN-CROWD”.  Human “MULES” are used for smuggling hard-core drugs into India where the profits are mind-boggling as was proved by the recent  the drug seizures in Chandigarh in which a prominent Indian boxer was involved.The people running the “Drug Show” are billionaires and sadly our youth pay a heavy price at times for living their fantasy dreams of hallucination..Cocaine and L.S.d are restricted and hence available to a certain niche group and sadly at times the results can be disastrous as in the case of N.R.I student  Mr Anmol.Sarena in New Delhi.The 21st century Indian  youth have instant access to the good and bad of “First World Culture” although living in a “Developing Economy” and at times the bad influences of the developed World like “L.S.D” creates havoc. “STAND UP COMEDY” is the latest “First World” import by the Indian college youth and the safest and cheapest hallucination with no side-effects.