EDITORIAL ERROR OR NON-INCLUSION IN “WIKIPEDIA” BIOGRAPHY  OF PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING SHRI NARENDRA.MODI :- As a research scholar(Self taught) due to circumstances and having done writing editorials on “Mahalaxmi Race-course”, “Traditional Persian Cats” and “Worli Fort” for “Wikepedia dictionary” i find it strange that the biography of Shri Narendra.Modi doesn’t mention the fact that he was once a married man .What were the reasons for termination of his matrimony ? As a History buff i find it very strange for not a single Wikepedia political editor mentioning Shri Narendra.Modi’s marriage.What was the name of his wife and why did they split ? To quote the one and only “ARNAV .GOSWAMI”, quote,” The Nation has a right to know the marital status of Shri Narendra.Modi “! Political “Proof Readers” please read the entire “Wikepedia Biography of Shri Narendra.Modi”.