Image PRE BOUT PREDICTION :- The Art of “SPORTS SPECULATION” :- BIGGEST BOXING BOUT OF THE DECADE ? :- Your Bets ! :- Floyd Mayweather(Odd 1/3 Win) Jr v/s  Saul Alvarez(Odds 11/4 Win). “Mittoo the Poppat” is betting ” 1 Khokha” of “Cage Money” on a Floyd. Mayweather win.
Cage Money =3.35 Khokha .WHEN WILL SPORTS BETTING BE LEGALIZED IN INDIA. Rs 1 Khokha @ 33 cents .If Win then “Cage Money ” = Rs 3.68 Khokha!./If loses then cage money = 2.35 Khokha.


POST BOXING MATCH RESULT :-“MITTOO THE POPPAT” :- Thanks his followers and fans for trusting him in predicting the right boxing results with the right “Moolah(Money)”! Floyd Mayweather has won on “POINTS” against his opponent Canelo Alvarez at the “GAMBLING CAPITAL” of World Boxing, a La Las Vegas. My “CAGE VALUE ” has increased by “33 Peti’s” only, .My total “Cage value” is now “3.68 Khokas”!. What, me worry about depreciating “RUPEE”. HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE.

NOTE:- “KHOKHA” and “PETI” are slang Hindi words for placing bets. KHOKHA= Rs One Crore while Peti = Rs One Lakh. This is just “NOTIONAL BETTING” game and no real money is involved. Its my way of projecting the need of the day to Legalize “SPORTS BETTING” in India, especially “CRICKET”. A huge “PARALLEL BETTING ECONOMY” exists in illegal gambling in India. If gambling is legalized then both, the gambler as well as the Government benefits.ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION.