Living with pets :-Peace & Calm as a cat.

LIVING WITH “SMALL CATS”(Candid house photo) :-Cat Matahari resting on my coffee table book-shelf which has a vintage Guide Map(1960′s !) to the wildlife of East Africa.WANT TO SEE THE “BIG FIVE” in Wild-Life Safari’s ? Visit Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania.”Mittoo” alias “Mittoo the Poppat” is unhappy at being ignored by “Limca” as well as the “Guinness” book of World records !The “Guinness Book Of World” records on the shelf was purchased in 1984 at the famous “HIGGINBOTHAMS” bookstall at Anna Salai road (Mount Road) in Chennai(Madras) during a port visit to that city.Those were the “SHIPPING DAYS”, a different World, a different era, a different life-style.”Right says Mittoo the Poppat”!?