Zubin.Mehta Concert in Srinagar:- Music is Universal.

ZUBIN.MEHTA CONCERT IN SRINAGAR:-Had visited Kashmir and Srinagar in March 2013 and the entire 5 days of my stay in Srinagar was under a “CURFEW”, the entire city closed.Thankfully certain tourist attractions like Dal Lake and Gulmarg were open and hence managed to tour these places.It was frightening walking through the desolate streets akin to a reporter with the presence of the army and police at every 100 to 200 meters.The Zubin.Mehta concert is definitely a first for the city of Srinagar and hope everything goes well.Read my blog to understand the city from a tourists point of view. :-http://my.opera.com/mittoo/blog/2013/03/20/solo-winter-backpacker-tour-20123-state-of-kashmir