Thursday(29-8-2013) :-View from “MITTOO THE POPPAT’s 5.35 Khokha Cage” :- Reminisces of the signature tune of “Gokhulashtami Festival” in Mumbai(Bombay) made famous by Shammi.Kapoor in the film “BLUFFMASTER”. Here is a view of a group of “Dahi-Handi ” revelers just below my house gallery on the by-lane road in Mumbai breaking the “Dahi-Handi Matka”.In our locality in Prabhadevi itself there are at least 4 to 5 “Dahi -Handi Matka’s” to be broken, a continuous procession till the evening.Different “POLITICAL PARTIES” patronize and sponsor the “CASH REWARDS” of the various “Dahi-Handi’s” in different parts of Mumbai.Watch the most famous “Dahi-Handi’s” live on telivision where “Film Stars” grace the occasion.