“MADRAS CAFE” :- Saw the movie at “I MAX-7” in PvR cinema at  High Street phoenix in Lower Parel .Have visited toured Sri Lanka including the “JAFFNA WAR ZONE” in 2012 having also  toured London , Singapore and Bangkok,various  locations of the films story .The film has been authentically produced at times similar to a war documentary and i personally feel that this movie is to be preserved in “Hindi Film Archives”.”Madras Cafe” is definitely  the best semi-fictional film on a historical event in Indian history.I was surprised that “MADRAS CAFE” was a restaurant in London and not “Rolex Restaurant” in Jaffna. The locales of Jaffna is authentically depicted on the “BIG SCREEN”, akin to “Bridge on River Kwai” shot in Sri Lanka and not its original location of Thailand.Wonder the reasons for the film being banned in Tamil Nadu since it is a semi-fictional film based on historical reality.R.A.W Agent Vikram.Singh(Actor John.Abraham) clearly states about the fact of arch L.T.E fiction  villain “Anna” quote,“ONE COUNTRY’S TERRORIST IS ANOTHER COUNTRY’S FREEDOM FIGHTER”.An excellent film with very little blemish, and not deviating far from the historical truth.I hope the film makes money as it doesn’t have a single song nor romance nor comedy as does super-duper “Chennai Express” but is portrayal of pure war truth with tragedy.Awaiting for Hollywood to produce a unbiased account of the final days of the “Sri Lanka/L.T.T.E” war in 2009 and the actual sequence of the decimation of the entire family of L.T.T.E Supremo Mr Velupillai.Prabhakaran.The final days and killing of Mr Velupillai.Prabhakaran could be a source of numerous films and books, a bizarre end to one of the World’s most disciplined and ruthless guerrilla organizations.The “SUICIDE BOMBER” was an invention of the “L.T.T.E”  later adapted  in the wars and battlefields in different parts of the globe.