ImageDEBATE :- BOMBAY(MUMBAI) AS A INDEPENDENT UNION TERRITORY :- Bombay now Mumbai owes its existence to Indians from other states and India’s earliest persecuted immigrants, the Parsee community.Bombay was originally a fishing village of 7 islands and if you want to actually learn Bombay’s history and founding fathers or mothers then visit the “BHAU DAJI LAD MUSEUM’ in Veermata Jeejabai Bhosle Udyan(Victoria Gardens) in Byculla.The Maratha Ruler Shivaji.Bhosle and the Maratha’s had no connection to Bombay fishing village, Poona(Pune) being the Maratha Stronghold.The Parsee Community is most responsible for the commercial development of Bombay from a fishing village to its present status as India’s Commercial capital.The Christian Community has provided most of the education institutions In Bombay that gave rise to Indian intellectuals.The Mill Industry with their Gujarati.Marwari and Parsee owners transformed Bombay from a sleepy Fishing port into a International city after the commercial downfall of Calcutta in the British empire.Ultimately, Bombay now Mumbai is India’s most Cosmopolitan city having all different Indian regional communities and religious faiths living in its jurisdiction. I am opposed to making Mumbai a separate state or union territory since the same would be nothing but “OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE”!I am a student of History, a world-wide traveller and a blogger having my own readers and critics.DOES SHOBA.DE THINK THAT MUMBAI WOULD BECOME A HONGKONG OR SINGAPORE BY BECOMING A SEPARATE STATE FROM MAHARASHTRA ? DO YOU FEEL THAT POLITICAL EQUATIONS WILL CHANGE OVERNIGHT WITH A CHANGE IN BOMBAY(MUMBAI’S” STATUS AS A SEPARATE CITY ? Remember , Singapore is a united Country having dictatorial Democracy while Hongkong was a former British Democracy handed over to China.JUST BY CREATING NEW STATES OR NEW CITY STATES WON’T CONVERT INDIA INTO A U.S.A OR SWITZERLAND IN ECONOMIC TERMS.We have to first reduce corruption and the “POVERTY-WEALTH” gap. The “B.C.C.I” is the outstanding example of corruption in a self governed independent sports body, where the game of “CRICKET” is more than a religion to majority of us Indians.Why is “CRICKET BETTING” not legalized in India when every politician and child knows that illegal gambling is rampant in India ? ASKING BOMBAY(MUMBAI) TO BECOME A INDEPENDENT CITY STATE WOULD BE THE EQUIVALENT OF STARTING A “Civil war” between certain political outfits which in itself would harm the economic and political development of India. As for Shobha.De, should say that she is a smart woman who has gained overnight reflective celebrity due to her remark. Her “SEX NOVELS” disguised as “HIGH SOCIETY” literature are no more best-sellers as before , thanks to a simple writer named CHETAN.BHAGAT who is today the most popular Indian English writer.Chetan.Bhagat also has “SEX” in his novels but in a disguised manner which clicks with the average youth, men or women, not just “High Society”. As a writer i have read the novels of both Shobha.De and Chetan.Bhagat and hence commenting.I have excluded my name from the list of people wanting to make Bombay a independent union territory.I wouldn’t like living in a city that erupts into “CIVIL WAR” due to a trivial issue as India is no U.S.A at the moment and can’t afford having 50 different States !I am busy creating an awareness to save India’s nature and wild-life and least interested in political equations.A recent visit to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve made me realize that the tiger is on the brink of extinction in the Country.Politicians should spend more time in Nature conservation which would indirectly boost terrorism and the economy  rather than raising slogans to form “NEW STATES OR UNION TERRITORIES”.