I first entered Mahalaxmi race-course in 1979 as a teenager to witness the “Indian Derby”.Was a frequent visitor to the race-course but never a heavy gambler until 1990. Circumstances forced me to seek relief in testing my skills as a “PROFESSIONAL SPECULATOR” since i was also an investor in the “STOCK MARKET” since early 1980’s during my educational days, much before my employment. invested my parents savings into debentures and bonds, the vogue of the early 1980’s.To be modest,economically i was and still am reasonably stable, affording the luxury of a foreign tour every year as a holiday ! As mentioned, was a heavy gambler at horse races in Bangalore and Mumbai since 1990’s, a “FAMILIAR FACE” in the “RACE-COURSE RING”!Thanks to my income from stocks could balance my “HORSE-RACING LOSSES” over the years, thoroughly also enjoying myself in the process and even getting “LOOTED” by a bookie during my racing career.I have and is still a regular “BLOGGER” contributing to horse-racing as well as other topics, most;ly concerning “Wild-life nature conservation” and pets.Finally decided to quit betting on horses completely in early 2013, the crash in the “STOCK MARKET” making me realize that the “BALANCING ACT” between horse-racing and “Stock Investment” would not be possible with a “DEBIT LOSS” on both sides, simple common sense and not a ‘C.A’s (Chartered Accountant)” case study. According to my experience after decades of dabbling in Stocks as well as Horse-racing speculation, i feel that “Horse-Racing” is one of the best “MENTAL RELAXATIONS” provided you are rich and can afford to accept losses.To a poor man or a person relying on “Horse-racing” as an income it is a total losing business as its next to impossible for a “COMMON PUNTER” to make money beating the “ODDS” by just studying the “RACE-COURSE GUIDE BOOKS”.Its not for a reason that the sport of horse-racing is called the “SPORT OF KINGS AND QUEENS” and with the abolishment of Monarchy in most Country’s is today called the “SPORT OF INDUSTRIALIST AND BLUE -BLOODED WEALTHY”! In Stocks, if a person has the “HOLDING POWER” then a downturn might not effect the portfolio if invested in “BLUE CHIP STOCKS” as the “SHARE MARKET” is eternally cyclical in nature.Today in 2013 the “Indian stock indices” are at their lowest but might not be the same a decade or 5 years from today.But then. nobody knows the future and the investor in stocks could be dead within the next decade or 5 years or might become bankrupt due to lack of money.Hence, even in “STOCK MARKET INVESTMENTS” akin to “HORSE- RACING” it is the rich investor who benefits. Only difference being that in “Horse-racing” the losses and profits are instant while in Stock market investment there is always a hope of recovering losses if on a losing streak provide one’s life- span outlives the decline! “Day -trading” in the Stock -market is worse than horse-racing speculation according to me, total “Casino Gambling” unlike “Horse-racing” where the Madras High Court proved that its a game of partial skill.Image “LUCK FACTOR “ plays an important role besides knowledge.As for me, thoroughly enjoyed my horse-racing attendances and speculation although a loser since it helped me overcome a severe depression during a difficult phase in my personal life.Apologize for being bluntly honest, as are most speculators and gamblers.