SUPREME COURT GRANTS PERMISSION FOR RESTARTING DANCE BARS IN MUMBAI (Tuesday 16-7-2013):- The latest news is a boon to the thousands of dance girls whose only livelihood was dancing in the “DANCE BARS” of Mumbai, a tourist as well as local attraction.Remember “Topaz Bar” of Grant road ?Many Dance bar girls committed suicide while a few went into prostitution due to the ban on “DANCE BARS” in Mumbai in 2005.
“WHEN WILL SPORTS BETTING BE LEGALIZED IN INDIA” ? :- If Dance bars can be legalized then what is the great anti-social element involved in legalizing “SPORTS BETTING” in India ? Crores of rupees are illegally bet on “CRICKET MATCHES” the most popular sport in India, the same brought into the limelight in the 2013 “I.P.L-T-20 Cricket League” .When will honest tax paying legal speculators like yours truly Rudolph.Andrew.Furtado be able to walk to a local “BOOKIE SHOP” in Mumbai and place a “CRICKET BET” ? Our Neighbour Sri Lanka has legalized betting shops all over the city, the closest location for Indian punters to bet.Imagine the official income generated once “Sports Betting” is legalized in India.Today, “ILLEGAL SPORTS BETTING” is the biggest “BLACK MONEY” business in India. LEGALIZE SPORTS BETTING IN INDIA AT THE EARLIEST.